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36 arrested in a police crackdown in Rajshahi 36 arrested in a police crackdown in Rajshahi
।। Staff Correspondent ।।

In a crackdown by Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP), 36 accused arrested within 24 hours with a joint mission  of RMP and DB police .

On Friday (26 February) in the morning this news informed to the media in a press release.

It is said in the press circular that Rajshahi metropolitan police and DB Police operated missions in different places. Boalia Model Thana arrested-12, Rajpara Thana-2, Chandrima Thana -2, Matihar Thana-4, Katakhali-2, Belpukur Thana -1, Shah Makhdum Thana- 2,

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Month-long BSCIC-Oikyo fair ends-up in Rajshahi Month-long BSCIC-Oikyo fair ends-up in Rajshahi
।। Special Correspondent, Rajshahi ।।

We, the Bangladeshi people achieved an independent and sovereign country by a bloody liberation liberation-war against the Pakistani invader that took place in 1971. Bangladesh came to this position after a long time repression and exploitation, but it wants to declare its existence in a new way.

Father of nation’s eldest daughter and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always says, “ Do not run after job, be an entrepreneur. We, the government are always with you.” To

Kornia to release her new song “Kheyali Mon” on 14 February Showbiz
 ।। Showbiz  report  ।।

On the occasion of Valentine's Day evening Kornia's new song and video title ‘Kheyali Mon’ will be released.   The song is written by Tareq Ananda and music of the song is composed by Hridoy Hasin.  The...
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‘Mujib, my father' is the first feature length animation film in Bangladesh Showbiz
।।  Showbiz Report ।।

In the upcoming year ‘Mujib , my father ‘ is going to be released which is the first ever feature length animation film in Bangladesh .The movie is to be made on the book ‘ Mujib, my...
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Those who are getting Ekushey Award in Art and Culture Showbiz
।।  Showbiz Report  ।।

21 Very special citizens are getting the second highest civilian award of the country. There six famous persons are enlisted from the entertainment sector.

They are – in music Papia Sarwar, in acting Rasul Islam Asad  and Sujata...
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Netflix to stream ‘Doob’ :available from 5th February Showbiz
।।  Showbiz Report  ।।

 Very much controversial and talked movie ‘ Doob ‘ is going to be released on international streaming platform Netflix directed by eminent Bangladeshi Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki . The movie will be available on Netflix from upcoming...
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Shakira sells 145 songs titles Showbiz
।। Showbiz Report ।।

Colombian Pop star Shakira has decided to sell her 145 famous songs titles. London based song management company Hipnosis has bought these songs. But it is very unclear that what is the total price of all these...
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