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Millers vs. the Government: Old ‘rice’ in new ‘sacks’! Millers vs. the Government: Old 'rice' in new 'sacks'!
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Whatever the real proverb, Millers' tussle with the government over selling rice at a fixed price has rekindled the old 'rice' in the new 'sack'. Almost every time in the last few years, millers have been reluctant to sell rice to the government at fixed prices. The same thing happened again. After an emergency meeting of the Bangladesh Auto Major and Husking Mill Owners Association in Bogra on Wednesday (November 25th), the mill owners said they did

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800 years of ‘Kotwali’ on Indo-Bangla border 800 years of 'Kotwali' on Indo-Bangla border
Thousands of people travel this way every day in normal time. The truck comes. Monster trucks blowing dust or groups of people walking on foot cross the gates of history from one country to another. By tearing the chest of the extinct installation of that door, maybe today we are running from Bangladesh to India or vice versa. Just as the border guards and government revenue collectors of the two countries stand on both sides of the aisle today, so

বামপন্থাই বিকল্প, মনে করেন সৌমিত্র Alternative is the left, Soumitra still confident Showbiz
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"It is surprising to think that the person who caused the terrible riots of Gujarat in 2002, now in the state power of India! The people of India are tolerating them. they are voting...
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