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Two people died  named  Muktarul (30) and Abdur  Rahman  ( 32)  in a tractor crash in Panchagarh. And one person wounded in that accident.

On Thursday ( 11 March )at 3 am in the  Kamlapur area the accident happened. The late Muktarul and Abdur Rahman is the inhabitant of Baliadangi  area, Thakurgoan District. And the wounded helper Sukumar Chandra Ray is also from the same area and he is son of Polanu Barmon.

The witnesses of the accident  say that the tractor was going  Panchagarh  to Thakurgoan and near the Komlapur area the tractor fell in an accident.  At that time  Muktarul and Abdur Rahman died instantly.

When the police and the Fire service got the news, they rushed to the place .They found two already dead and one was seriously wounded. They were then taken to the Panchagarh modern hospital.

Today ( 12 March)  in the morning the duty doctor declared the two dead  and the wounded person is taking treatment.