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Shahriar Alam, the state minister for the ministry of foreign affairs says, migrants do not need any money to increase the passport validity .

On Wednesday (10 March) he informed this news.

After finishing the three days tour to Saudi Arabia, he held a press release and said, “ We  just finished a meeting at the ministry of home affairs. We have given a proposal to increase the validity of the passport for one year and it is without any fees. The proposal was accepted cordially. We will provide an official letter to the ministry of home affairs.”

He added more that ‘ To increase the passport validity for one year it takes 25 dollars. Now this money not to be taken. We have done this so that Bangladeshi people living in Saudi Arabia can get the corona vaccine in the dew time with Tawakkul app. We had detailed discussions with the Saudi foreign State Minister.

In reply to question Mr. Alam says, ‘’If we want to earn a big investment from Saudi, we must increase our capability.”

In reply to another question he says,” We Saudi need any help on removing mines, we will provide that support. We been giving this service to them for more than three decades after Kuwait war.’’