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Rapid Action Battalion ( RAB) demolished 7 bighas of Poppy plants at Puranpoil Bonkhur field , Joypurhat Sadar. During this time 5 peasants arrested.

 But the peasants demanded that it was quite unknown to them that cultivating the poppy plants is illegal. They were growing  the plants to cultivate the mawseed  for making curry spicy.

The arrested persons are –Rajebdranath Das(60) from Bonkhur village, Joypurhat Sadar Upazilla , Golam Mostofa (65) from Borotazpur village, Ripon Sardar(37) from Panchbibi UPazilla  and Nepal Chandra Das(52) from Balighata.

The peasants connected with the Poppy farming says, they have been farming for 3 years as they are doing this to make the curry more tasty. They also say that they along with other farmers are doing this for economically more solvent in a shorter period.

SM  Mohaiminul Islam , the additional police super of RAB Joypurhat Camp says, we got a news from the CID and then rushed into place and we also demolished 7 bighas of land of poppy and poppy seeds . We finally arrested 5 farmers and sent them to the Thana. One case been filed against the arrested farmers.