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A story collection named ‘Special 5o’ by chandan Anowar is going to be published in the upcoming book fair. The book published by Biswasahitto Bhaban and cover designed by Mominuddin Khaled. It costs 720 taka.

While asking the writer about this book he says that the book is the collection of 50 short stories from different six books. The name of the books are– ‘Prothom Pap Ditio Jibon’ , ‘Osongkho Chitkar’, ‘Porabari o mrituchinhito Konthosor’, ‘Tripad Iswarer Jib’ Ichamrittur Ishtehar, ‘Andhar  O Rajghokhra’. Hopefully the readers will enjoy reading the book.

Writer Chandan Anowar was born in 8 January, 1978 in Natore district. Now he is living in Rajshahi. He is currently working as a teacher at Noakhali University of Science and Technology. He has achieved his Phd degree from University of Rajshahi. The topic of his Phd thesis is ‘The literature Of Hasan Azizul Huq : Topic Style and the art of making’. And this thesis been published by the Bangla Academi. He has already written 17 fundamental books and edited several books. The top publications of Bangladesh published his books and one of the leading publications of Kolkata Ekush Satak has published his story collection ‘Selected 30’ and novel ‘Orpito Jibon’. He edits a literary magazine ‘GolpoKotha’ regularly.