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Rajshahi is obsolete in the second day of the Bus-strike. That is why the passengers have fallen in a huge troubles. The strike started from the last day all on a sudden. And nobody knows  when the service will start .

The transport leaders says, one of their colleagues been beaten up in Bogura. And as there is possibility of violence, so they made the service off. But the  BNP leaders say that they have the divisional  council and to demolish the program ,the Bus service made off.

While going to the Siroil bus terminal  in the Tuesday morning, we saw that all the buses are off. No bus ran for another city and no bus came for Rajshahi.  But the bus counters are kept on.

But due to the off service of the buses, the passengers have fallen in a big troubles. They do not know when the service will be opened for all.

While talking to a passenger named Shafiqul Islam  at Gorhanga rail gait , he says that it is morally wrong to stop the bus services. And I been staying in Rajshahi for two days. Finally he demands to open the bus service.

But today is the BNP divisional summit  and to demolish the event the service is made off – it is said by the BNP leaders .

The transport leaders think that there are possibilities for the violence and that is why the bus service made off. Realizing the all circumstances , they start the service as early as possible.

Motiul Huq Tito , one of the top leaders of transport services in Rajshahi gives the same statement. There are possibilities of anarchy and troubles, that is why they have made the service off.

Mahtab Ali , the Rajshahi Motor-Wokers Union secretary says, our two colleagues been beaten up in Bogura . And we need justice.

Mr. Mosaddek hossain Bulbul, the president of the Rajshahi Metropolitan BNP says, to demolish the summit urged by the BNP in Rajshhai , all the bus services are off  so that people cannot come and join the program and nothing else. This is a false attempt- he added.