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Workers party Bangladesh general secretary alerts that he will go for a mass-movement  with the farmers and workers if state owned Jute and Sugar Mills are not opened.

 On Saturday ( 27 February) morning in an assembly at the Central Shahid Minar in the Capital he says, “ By no means state-owned industry cannot be demolished. If these industries are demolished, then the constitution of the country will be demolished. Keeping the farmers and the workers aside, we cannot be a developing country. If these industries are not opened quickly, then we will go for movement and achieve our rights.’’

This assembly happened in order to conserve the national property, repeal of the de-nationalisation and getting back the rights of the farmers and workers. This assembly was organized jointly by jute-yarn and clothe workers movement association and Bangladesh Sugarcane and Sugar mill preserve association.

Mr. Badshah urges the government to come back from the position of stopping the jute and sugar mills. He says,’’ You the government gave a little amount of money to the workers and made them jobless by stopping the mills. We always say against the BNP as they stopped the Adamji  jute mill.  But who are keeping the mills off now must be indentified. We must know the names by whose decision the mills are being stopped ? “

The top leader of Workers party Bangladesh Mr. Badsha says, “ Some ministers and MPs say that the mills making loss day by day . Due to the technical and mismanagement, the mills are making loss in every year. There are corruptions and mismanagements in the industries. So, what are the duties of the bureaucrats? what are they doing ? Why they have done any developments  in these fields ?” Finally he urges to make a free commission for developing in the field of technology as per needed.

In the assembly workers-leader Shahidullah Choudhury spoke for a while . He said, “If we want to make a modern industry, huge amount of money not needed. Totally there are 65 state-owned sugar mills in the country. If we can spend , 10 thousands crores taka ,it is enough to update the mills and increase production .”

Mentioning the government chief this leader says, “ If you can not do the task aforementioned, then pride of making the Padma bridge , big projects pride, making the flyover pride, all will be demolished. You please, speak on these issues in the parliament. If you do not bring any proposal before the upcoming session of the parliament, then we will call for greater movement . If the workers are unrest, then you cannot do the session with peace.”

 Mr. Ibrahim Khalil, the sugarcane and sugar mills conservation movement president presided over the assembly. Besides him, Mustafa Lutfulla MP, Mahmudul Hasan Manik, Workers leader Mosiuddowla , Aslam Khan,Harun Rashid Mallick, Diadarul Alam , Mizanur Rahman, DU workers leader Mobarak Hossain , Shyampur Sugar mill save committee conveyner Altaf Hossain .

The assembly was conducted by workers leader kamrul Hasan. The declaration paper was read by Sugar Mill and sugarcane save committee leader Sukumar Sarkar .

9 points been declared to re-open the jute and sugar mills and new schedules been also declared. Among the schedules in the upcoming 16 March solidarity will be shown in front of all the sugar and jute mills.

Before starting the assembly chorus were sung by Udichy.  After the assembly, there had  a big procession  with red flag. The procession circumambulationed main streets of the city and finally ended to the old palton .