।। Special Correspondent, Rajshahi ।।

We, the Bangladeshi people achieved an independent and sovereign country by a bloody liberation liberation-war against the Pakistani invader that took place in 1971. Bangladesh came to this position after a long time repression and exploitation, but it wants to declare its existence in a new way.

Father of nation’s eldest daughter and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always says, “ Do not run after job, be an entrepreneur. We, the government are always with you.” To shape  her words into the reality a month long fair been started last 15 January in the Mothpukur , Sopura area organized by BSCIC and Oikyo foundation.To clarify, we should say it as a fair for the   entrepreneurs.

The fair been inaugurated by honorable mayor of Rajshhai City Corporation AHM Khairuzaman Liton. As special guest the deputy commissioner of Rajshai district Abdul Jalil was present . To make the ceremony more colorful famous social worker and the Oikyo foundation chairman Shahen Akhtar Reni was present. Besides, many more high officials of Rajshahi were present.

Honorable mayor says,’’ We got a Bangladesh by the outstanding leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh MijuburRahman and we would take this country in a new dimension. We have few critical problems like the other countries have and un-employment problem is one of them. To solve the problem, this kind of hand-made cottage industrial production can play a vital role. So, we should increase the use of this very hand made-products that can save our national culture and create a lots of jobs. He added, ‘’ The present government will beside the entrepeuneuers like a shade.’’

The fair was organized by the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) and Oikyo foundation. There are more than 70 stalls in the fair to show their hand made products.

While making the report we came to one of the finest stalls of the fair called SarTee  whose share holders  Azmei Sultana Ria, Sharmiala Khanam Srity, Azmain Ahmed khan ,Mahbub Alom Rony and Fahim Mahmud Farhan . The stall mainly sells the hand-made panting products. The main products of  SarTee are – hand made painted different kinds of Sharees , wooden painted glass , cup, wooden ornaments . They are also expert in decorating the houses. Their future plan is to spread the business into the whole country.

Next we talked to Sharmin Sultana whois the owner of Kunjo Butik. By her own initiative and with aspiration of her Businessman husband she and her institution is going a in a full swin. She says ,” People understand garden of flowers  by kunjo. But we define different kinds of Butik Products by Kunjo. ‘’

While wandering in the fair we came across to the stall called Ghran. The founder of the shop is Mr. Farhad kabir. He informs that  Ghran is basically a shop that sell the products made of wood and soil. They make different kinds of glasses, mug , vase, plates and all the products are made of either wood or soil. When you see the taste and artistic view of the stall, you must be wondered.

Then we went for a very important shop that is named Peoples’ Lather and Footwear Goods (PLG) . The director and the main share-holder of the company is Rezbin Hafiz. She says, ‘’ We have the capability to meet the local demands and when the local demands are fulfilled , then meeting that demands we export our products into many countries like Malaysia, Thailand , Germany etc. Now we trying make a deal with Japan.’’

Lastly we visited a stall where we can buy daily products in a very lower price. All the products are sold here in 130 taka. The name of this stall is Koster Takay Shetho Bazar.

Yesterday was the last day of the fair, but people did not lose their interest on going to the fair for shopping. Specially the lucrative interest of the mass people was to enjoy the cultural performance made performed by the local artists. We spoke to a visitor named Mr. Rayhan Kabir. He says, ‘’ I am so satisfied with whole environment of the fair and hopefully the organizers  will take such kind of initiative in each year and that would be better for the entrepreneurs for promoting their own made products .’’

I started the write-up mentioning the spirit of the liberation war, 1971 and will finish in the same way. The spirit of that war is to build a better Bangladesh free of poverty and un-employment. We think we can achieve that target by these potential entrepreneurs….no doubt.