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In the upcoming year ‘Mujib , my father ‘ is going to be released which is the first ever feature length animation film in Bangladesh .The movie is to be made on the book ‘ Mujib, my father ‘ and it is written by Prime  Minister Shekih Hasina. The name of the Cinema director is Sohel Mohammad Rana .

This film is being made in the biggest two dimension studio Prolensar. By the donation of Ministry of information communication and technology this animation movie is to be made. It is a movie of 46 minutes and making in the honor of Mujib year.

Already the trailer of the animation and  a full song been released and it is getting a  huge  response   from all walks of people .The name of the song is ‘ Tomar Somadhi ‘. In any time of the year of 2021 the movie to be released.