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General Secretary of Bangladesh workers party Fazle Hossain Badshah says, bureaucratic complications are responsible for the loss of Sugar and Jute mills not the workers. He says, the jute and sugar mill workers are treated responsible for the loss. But he says, the workers do not run the factory or the mills. These vital posts are run by the BJMC and the high officials of Sugar industry. Then if these industries make loss, why only the working class people will suffer, but main responsibility should be on the shoulder of the ministers, secretary and chairman.

While delivering his speech as the chief guest at a conference where the representtitives of 15 Sugar Mills and workers participated. Sugarcane cultivators, National works Federation an the sugarcane farmers  organized this conference.

Fazle Hiossain Badsah says, the father of Nation says, Jute industry is the part and parcel of our livelihood and tradition. We can not measure it from the point of view of loss and profit. If we make this industry state-owned, it means the will take the whole responsibility. This industry will be treated as a national industry. Same words are also applicable for the sugarcane industry. We can remember that there had a ‘Black law’ in the Pakistan period. At that time our workers saved these industries even giving their blood.  

He again says, the government is stopping the jute and sugar mill telling the loss factor and avoiding the promise of the Bangabandhu.They want to make the workers responsible for the loss. Bu there are a huge amount of corruptors in the BJMC and food corporations-they are avoiding the truth. As the jute mills are giving loss, the bureaucrats and the high officials are responsible for this.

The member of parliament of the Rajshahi-2 ( Sadar) Mr. Badshah says, To make the government sugar mills modern and well equipped China, Japan and Thailand shared their business proposals to BJMC and Food and Sugar industry . But they did not pay heed it to it. So, If we want find the reasons on behind the loss of these industries, we must say inefficiency, corruptions of the officers, old machines, system loss in the production, expense maintenance loss and marketing in–efficiency. So then, why the workers will have suffer for it? Those who are the main culprit must be brought under the accountability.

The top leader of Bangladesh Worker’s party opines, ‘’In the liberation war the contribution of the mass-people and workers were not less important than the contribution of the students. Our liberaton war soldiers stayed for months and had their meals on their houses. As the farmers and workers gave shelters, foods and relevant foods, the victory came in a short times. We can never forget the vital sacrifice of the working class people. But it is matter of sorrow that those people are living in a vulnerable condition who sacrificed their all. We are betraying against their sacrifice.’’

Fazle Hossain Badshah Mp Says, the government take any inititative but the workers party always with the workers. We believe that if ye workers and farmers do not alive, then nobody will alive in this countryToday is your bad day. We can really understand the sorrows of you. So, we want all of yoy to be united. The history says, if the workers get together, then nobody can make them any harm. Finally we believe that we, all will win in our struggle.’’

Principal Ibrahim Khalil, the president of North Bengal  sugar mill,sugar- cane framers presided over the meeting. Mr. Aminul Islam Golap, general secretary of the Natinal farmers association and National Farmers association president Kamrul Hasan soke on the occasion as the special guest. Besides, former Secretary of Natore Bar association Advocate Lokman Hossain Badol, the convener of the Natore District workers federaation Mizanur Rahman Mizan also spoke on the occasion.

After the meeting, there created a committee with the workers of 15 Sugarcane-farmers that named ‘Bangladesh sugar-cane farmers and Sugarmills movement Parishad. The committee has 30 standing members. Principal Ibraim Khalil was made the conveynar of the committee. It is known that by the movement of this committee the workers will get their demands back.