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The winter impact of has been increased in the first week of Bangla month Magh, little cold wave is all around the northern part of Bangladesh. The department of weather says, within two days it will be drizzling in the different parts of Bangladesh including Dhaka city. Meanwhile, temperature will little bit increase and later on the impact of cold and fog will be increased.

On Sunday, the lowest temperature been recorded in Tetulia and it was 8.5 celsius. This time the average temperature was 10 to 13 in the whole country. 13 degree Celsius was lowest temperature in Dhaka city.

Senior meteorologist Abdur Rahman says, there had a cold wave over the Srimongol, Pabna, Dinajpur, Chuadanga and Naogoan and it will continue. From Wednesday mid night to Thursday it will drizzle in different parts of the country. During this time, it will rain due to the western monsoon. In any time of the day it will rain. That is why the biting of the winter will affect much more.

This senior weather expert says, after the rain, it will increase the level of cold from Friday. He again says, the night temperature will decrease a little later on. During this period from mid night to Noon deep fog will cover all around. The whole January month will go like this. Then the next month winter will go away.

If the temperature downs from 8 to 10 degree celcius it is very low condition, if the temperature is 6 to 8 degree celcius, it is middle and if it is 4 to 6 degree celcius it presumed as a cold burn.

Last 18-23 December and 26-31 December in Rangpur, Kustia and Jessore region there had a middle cold wave. This time in Rajarhat, kurigram  the temperature was 6.6 degree celcius.

During the mid January again there is cold wave. In Badalgachi, Naogoan in 15 January the lowest temperature was recorded which was 6.5 degree celcius and it was the lowest of the this season.