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It is a very common scenario to make video games in the name of the world famous celebrities.

Here the character is built according to the name and face of that very celebrities. That protagonist plays the vital role in the video game.

The immortal hero of Bengali Cinema, Salman Shah is going to be enlisted in that list. The two potential young programmer of Bangladesh Shadman Siyan and Siam Hasan Udoy ar going to make a video game keeping the Salman in the central role in analysation series.

In social media, they have already declared to upload this game from their own company called Crisis Entertainment. They have shared a video clip of that game in the social media and it went viral. Not only the Salman fans but also most of the video gamers admired this initiative. Because, this type of program is first ever in Bangladesh.

It is known that not only The Super hero Salman Shah is in the game but also the characters, backgrounds and the map are on the structure of Bangladesh.

Recently a teaser been released where Salman Shah was seen as a fighter. Here his one hand is real and other hand is instrumental. But, his hair style, throat locket, dress-up, sun glass, style of walking–all will take into the Salman fans into a deep nostalgia or make them astonish.

To learn a more about the game, we tried to keep contact with the programmers of Crisis Entertainment, but they did not response.  

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