।। Staff Correspondent, Rajshahi ।।

Hand, leg, head- all are different but only one belly. No rectum. Two babies were born in Rajshahi Medical college Hospital, having such physical structure. Among the two babies one is boy and another is girl. The mother’s name of the babies is Angury Begum (35). She is the wife of Rubel Hossain, a resident of Bidirpur village, Chapainanbabganj Upazilla Sadar. Rubel earns his livelihood running  a bread shop.

The whole family is anxious about the physical structure of the babies. The babies were born through cesarean delivery on Monday at 5am. No name been kept for the babies. At 2 pm Angury Begum and her two babies were released from Hospital. They have gone back to their residence.

Before that at 1 pm they were found in the 23 ward of Gyne Unit-2. Angury Begum was sleeping on the 22 No. bed of the ward. The maternal mother of the babies was keeping them on her lap and she was crying. To see the twin babies the other patients guests made crowd. Many of the kith and kins of that family also came.

The members of the family say, when Angury Begum had a pain on her belly, she was taken into private clinic at Chapainababganj. But doing an ultrasonogram, the duty said, they can nothing to there. Then they sent the patient into the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. She was admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital at 2 am. Later on at dawn she gave a birth of two babies through a cesarean operation.

The maternal mother of the babies, Anoara Begum says, both the babies have3 two different hands and legs. Mouth and face also different. But there is only one belly and no rectum. It is very unclear that which  gender the babies belong. But the doctors said, among the two babies one is male and another is female. Anoara again says, her daughter has two male children. One is 18 years old and another is 15 years old. They wished to have a baby girl. But what they have is a burden for them. They really do not know how they will manage the medical expenses for the newborn babies. They will go back home now and manage some money and setback for Dhaka for better treatment.

The gyne unit-2 director Dr. Nargis Shamima Shapna did not want to say anything regarding the condition of the babies. But, the deputy director of the hospital Dr. Saiful Ferdous says, twin babies born with one belly. They don’t have any rectum. That is why they are advised to go to Dhaka for better medical treatment.